Right Or Wrong

March 13th, 2015

About two months ago I moved from the second floor apartment to the third floor. The apartment I was in had no heat, only two burners worked on the stove, the walls were nasty, and the list goes on and on. The reason I chose to go to the third floor studio apartment is because I could not make my daughter suffer in the place along with me. Apparently before me there was a guy from Leicester escorts living there and he completely trashed the place. Why my landlord did not bother to fix the place, I do not know. I was aware of most of the issues upon moving in I just needed a roof over our heads in the worst way ever. We were kicked out of her fathers house rather quickly so I really had no other choice but to move into this slum hole of a building.

At the circus with my companion

February 24th, 2015

I follow the Ringling Bros circus because I am very found of different types of wild animals. They travel with the Asian elephants and there are only less than 34,000 left on earth, they are beautiful and endangered. The tigers always put on a great performance for the spectators and are always kept behind some type of wall barrier. My Birmingham escorts companion was amazed on how well that they are trained and perform right in front of humans.

The horses speed and stamina are truly outstanding and they like to show off how much strength that they really have. They also show off many other animals such as goats, llamas and so much more!

I always watch for their special event promotions that they have to offer to people like me who enjoy the circus acts that they put on. You can even go online and learn about the history that this circus has had for many years.

Bouncing Baby Girl

February 15th, 2015

My Aunt Susan is having a beautiful bouncy baby girl within the next week. I am super excited to be at the hospital to welcome this precious bundle of joy. I just called my boss from Sunderland escorts to request the next week and a half off so that way I can enjoy a few days with her after the birth. I have been living with my aunt now for three years and she has given me the amazing chance to be in this babies life as her god mother. I have never felt such a blessing before and I am not sure what it is exactly I should be doing when she is born? Do I hold her more, treat her like my own or given her and her mom more space? I am so excited but scared at the same time. I just hope I am everything this little girl needs in life as her god parent.

Just Another Suit

February 9th, 2015

As another long, drawn-out work week passes, I have come to realize that I need something more exciting in my life. Everything I do consists of work, sleep, eating and paying bills. As I sit here tonight, I try and think of when the last time I had fun was. But I can’t. This worries me as I used to be a fun-loving, entertaining guy and now I am nothing but another suit roaming around the company. So I have decided to put a stop to this and bring a little fun into my life my own way. On my lunch break today I called Manchester escorts to provide me a lady to take out on the town on Friday evening. I have never taken a risk like this before and I am finding myself to be very excited about something for the first time in a very long time.

Basic Necessities

February 7th, 2015

My oldest daughter works for the Newcastle escorts service, I was not happy when I first found out. It took me awhile to get over it and know matter what she does, I still love her. I can not believe the money that she is making and her job is very flexible.

Right now she is in the process of moving into her own house, it needs a little attention but overall it is a nice home. I have been helping her paint for the last week, we are just going from room to room.

I surprised her yesterday and took her some basic necessities that I stopped at the store and picked up. She was happy when I walked in the house with toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, laundry detergent and her favorite molasses cookies. She gave me a big hug and told me how much she loves me!

London is a must place

February 5th, 2015

As a traveller I sometimes visit a city that really exceeds my expectations. Brighton escort agency introduced me to London and I went there not knowing what to expect from such a beautiful city. I found the locals there to be so accommodating, friendly and every day people who welcomed me with open arms at every turn.

Being my first visit to this extraordinary city I am reccommending it to everyone who may be thinking of heading there for business or for vacation. You will feel like you are part of the culture and you may not want to leave once you arrive.

The restaurants served the best meals around and the prices were better than I expected. My meal included a main course, salad, a drink and dessert and while enjoying this meal I watched the sun go down over the horizon.

I will always remember this spectacular city